AVPN, Spring Rain Global, and the European Chamber of Commerce Philippines Collaborate for a Better Future

AVPN is delighted to host the side dialogue on 2 July in Cebu, Philippines, in partnership with Spring Rain Global and the European Chamber of Commerce Philippines (ECCP) to delve into the critical intersection of climate change and public health, a pressing issue particularly in Southeast Asia.

The session will explore the theme: “Cross-Sector Collaboration: Integrating Climate and Health Strategies”. This dialogue will be part of the “Nurturing Transformative Change in Philanthropy: Focusing on Thought Leadership and Social Responsibility” forum on July 1-2, 2024. This exclusive event will unite visionary leaders, change-makers, and influencers from diverse sectors to engage in thought-provoking discussions and interactive sessions on innovative leadership practices and strategies.

Photo courtesy of Spring Rain Global

Dr. Glenda Antonio, Founder, President, and CEO of Spring Rain Global, emphasizes the importance of collaboration: “At Spring Rain Global, we believe in the power of unity and solidarity to drive positive change in the world. The Leadership Forum and the 8th APDC provide invaluable platforms for leaders and organizations to come together, share insights, and co-create innovative solutions for a more sustainable and inclusive future.”

AVPN’s mission aligns perfectly with this event’s focus on collaboration. As highlighted by Dini Indrawati Septiani, AVPN South East Asia Regional Director, “We can’t solve complex problems in silos. Complex problems require multi-sector involvement and we all need to be aligned on what we are working towards.” AVPN’s vibrant ecosystem across Asia fosters cross-border collaboration, and this event exemplifies its commitment to bringing stakeholders together.

This occasion marks a promising step towards future strategic collaboration. Ms. Dawn Cabigon, the General Manager of Fairs and More echoes this sentiment: “Together, we can foster a culture of innovation and responsibility, driving significant change in our communities and the ASEAN Region. We are eager to collaborate closely with our partners—Spring Rain Global, ASSIST, and AVPN—to align our local efforts and maximize our impact.

About AVPN
AVPN is the largest network of social investors in Asia, comprising over 600 diverse members across 33 markets. Our mission is to increase the flow and effectiveness of financial, human, and intellectual capital in Asia by enabling members to channel resources toward impact. As an ecosystem builder, AVPN enables its members to connect, learn, act, and lead social impact efforts across key pillars while improving the effectiveness of deployed capital, bringing local field needs, regional expertise, and policy insights to the forefront.

About Spring Rain Global
Spring Rain Global envisions being the leading global partner in creating a sustainable ecosystem among donors and donees, supporting Missions through financial planning and philanthropy. As a social enterprise, SRG aims to coach philanthropic development organizations, religious congregations, non-profits, and other organizations in Asia, Africa, and beyond towards sustainability. With an international team of highly experienced professionals in development, philanthropic, and financial planning sectors, SRG assists its clients in networking and raising funds, supporters, and other resources necessary to continue serving communities in need through the SRG 7-Pillar Capacitation Model©.

About the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP)
The ECCP-Cebu Branch is dedicated to promoting a culture where social responsibility is the cornerstone of business practices. Through engaging dialogue and purposeful collaboration across sectors, this forum will explore innovative solutions to pressing challenges. Renowned speakers, representing key stakeholders, will share their invaluable experiences and insights, igniting a collective vision for a more sustainable future. By integrating social responsibility into philanthropic endeavors, ECCP underscores its commitment to ethical practices, transparency, and accountability, aligning organizational values with the needs of society, championing sustainable practices, and prioritizing the well-being of both communities and the environment.

About Race to Net Zero Philippines Campaign
The Philippine government, through its submitted resolution to the United Nations Nationally Determined Contributions for Climate Change in 2021, commits to a projected greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction and avoidance of 75 percent for the period 2020 to 2030 in the sectors of agriculture, waste, industry, transport, and energy. The Race to Net Zero Philippines campaign aims to accelerate this commitment by engaging various stakeholders in collaborative efforts to reduce carbon footprints, and implement sustainable practices, and innovative green technologies. This initiative not only aligns with global climate goals but also fosters economic resilience and environmental stewardship within the country.

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