Celebrate World Wildlife Day by Booking a Day at the Cebu Safari

Nothing brings about a sense of childlike awe quite like coming face to face with an animal. At the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park, even the most stoic adults have to break into a grin throughout the tours.

There’s a peacock that freely roams the roads of the 170-hectare property. Birds solve math problems at the daily show. You get up close and personal with giraffes, who come up to the viewing area to sample the lush greenery around their pen. It’s a place that makes for truly magical experiences. And that’s exactly the kind of experience we’re looking for as we celebrate World Wildlife Day.

What is World Wildlife Day?

World Wildlife Day was established in 2013 to develop an appreciation for the different species of fauna, and to raise awareness for those that are endangered. This includes working to preserve and restore these animals’ natural habitats, and find sustainable ways for humans to interact with both flora and fauna.

You can learn more about World Wildlife Day here.

Up North at the Safari

One of the things we love most about the Cebu Safari is how sprawling it is. As we mentioned, it sits on 170 hectares of property, which allows for enclosures that mimic the animals’ natural habitat. These extra-large spaces encourage you to observe the animals’ natural behavior. It can even lead to some frustration, as the hottest parts of the day find them hiding under the shade and away from view.

There’s so much to see at the Cebu Safari—you definitely have to prepare yourself for a day of serious walking. Trams regularly traverse the routes to take you to the main viewing areas.

The African Savannah, for one, feels particularly spectacular. Among its fauna are wildebeests and gazelles, all of which had previously been mere images on a page for many Filipinos.

A crowd favorite though is the Animal Trail. Here, visitors can walk amongst the adorable capybaras and llamas, and large birds like ostriches and rheas.

More Than Just Wildlife

Of course, there’s more to the Cebu Safari than just the animals. One of the main features of the property is Michel’s Garden, a walking trail that boasts of an expansive collection of one million orchids. Another is Gardens of the World, where you can find landscapes and flora from all seven continents.

And if one day isn’t enough, you can even spend the night at the Safari Camp. Their cozy cabins are the perfect place to enjoy the fresh mountain breeze.


You may contact the Cebu Safari & Adventure Camp by calling +63 928 239 4970, or you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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