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Crosswalk’s Culinary Delights Will Make You Question ‘Em, Then Love ‘Em

We often associate cafes with an ambiance, cute drinks, and maybe some pastries. It might be a great place to hang out and take some photos, but it’s not often that we expect to get some tasty comforting meals as well. Lucky you, Crosswalk Bakery + Cafe offers it all!

Other than its cozy vibe, this mom-and-pop-operated community cafe offers hearty meals served hot and fresh for its customers. It offers a comfy space for everyone whether you’re a parent waiting for your child from the nearby schools, a student looking for a place to study, or just someone looking for somewhere to pass the time. It’s literally where persons of every kind “cross paths” to enjoy the same beautiful thing.

Humble But Equally Delicious Beginnings

Crosswalk Bakery and Cafe started as a home-based cake shop specializing in made-to-order cakes for special occasions. However, their customers started telling them that they craved the cakes and would want to be able to buy them beyond special events and celebrations.

“They kept asking me when I could open a cafe so they could eat our pastries regardless of any event. So in a big way, it was my loyal customers who liked my products who inspired me and gave me the push to open the cafe.” —Cheryl Go 

A Twist On Familiar Flavors

Crosswalk’s menu offers a twist to our favorite kinds of dishes. Curating a menu of familiar cafe items infused with Asian influences has sparked some interest, but not without skepticism.

A great example is the highly recommended Kimchi Carbonara. It’s a play on the classic carbonara with kimchi that gives something extra to its usual texture and taste. The Miso Mushroom Salisbury Steak combines the western Salisbury steak with the rich Asian flavor of miso mushroom sauce. Fun fact: the kimchi and miso are Crosswalk homemade, and something the owners are very proud of.

Comforting Classics Not Forgotten

Understandably, the kimchi carbonara must have raised some eyebrows. But if you’re not feeling quite as experimental, Crosswalk still offers some classic cafe items such as sandwiches, pasta, cakes, coffee, as well as many other drinks.

“Well, personally, as much as I like new flavors, I find myself going back to familiar favorites—my go-to comfort food,” says pastry chef and co-owner Cheryl Go.

If you’re up for a quick bite Crosswalk has several packed and juicy burgers to choose from. And if you’re looking for a taste of home and tenderness, you might want to try the Lengua Royale. They say the meat is so tender some customers couldn’t identify what type of meat it is (it’s ox tongue cooked in the creamiest mushroom sauce).

Food Trays Are Events Must-Haves

Consistent with its beginnings as a cafe that catered mostly to special occasions, Crosswalk also has meals in trays available for larger gatherings. This was inspired by a customer at the cafe who asked if she could order the food in trays for her son’s coming birthday.

While they hadn’t done this before, they decided to take on the new challenge and even worked closely with the customer to curate a food tray menu for the event. Several moms from the party liked the food and eventually started making orders themselves. And bing, bang, boom! The bakery and cafe started becoming a catering service as well.

For Cheryl, it only made more sense to have customers to make their food and dessert orders from one place. And, boy, wasn’t she right about that. “I guess it came [naturally] for me to offer our food for events as well,” Cheryl shares. “When you order a birthday cake for a birthday, you need good food too, right?”

Let’s Talk Bestsellers

These meals and drinks made out of love are also beloved by the cafe’s customers. Its best-selling Sriracha Ribs presents pork ribs cooked so tenderly they fall off the bone and with a spicy kick from the Sriracha just leave you wanting more.

The espresso fizz is a definite must-try. It is such a polarizing drink—you would either “love it or hate it” as Cheryl says. It’s best to try it at least once to find out which side of the coin they are. It’s bound to be an interesting experience.

“As a start-up and not a highly commercialized cafe, we currently put a lot of emphasis on the flavor of our food and pastries—as well as our drinks. Our chefs put their heart and all their effort into cooking each dish,” she adds.


Gearing up to check out Crosswalk Bakery + Cafe? They are open from Tuesday to Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM at Don Jose Avilla corner Juana Osmeña Street, Cebu City. Find the on GrabFood if you want your meals from home.

Photography Kyrra Kho

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