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Food for Thought and Art for the Soul with the Arte Artsy Social Club

With the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we are often left with only so much room to make meaningful connections with ourselves and the people around us. But in between such rush, we find that there is one constant moment that we can always count on to pause, savor, and engage—which is none other than dining.

Arte Artsy Social Club then seizes upon this moment and redefines it with the infusion of art. As Cherryl Mitz Peralta, founder of Arte Artsy Social Club, expresses, “Dining is one of the intimate times to connect and reflect, may it be with yourself, your loved ones, or your friends,” she introduces the club as a vessel to bond over food and art—a concept that makes way for a soulful dining experience. At Arte Artsy Social Club, every meal and snack then becomes a celebration of creativity and community, bringing people closer through the shared joy of artistic expression.

What’s on the Menu?

As described by Mitz, Arte Artsy Social Club provides a menu for creatives. So instead of only offering meal courses from the different spaces and establishments they collaborate with, they also have a selection of artsy activities and workshops that come along with it.

Based on their previous events, this menu ranges from traditional art such as painting and clay pottery, to niche interests such as flower arrangement and leather tooling.

Though nonexclusive to special occasions, Arte Artsy also designs these workshops in alignment with certain themes. Seen with the flower arrangement workshop held during Mother’s Day, and the leather tooling workshop most recently held during Father’s Day, you’ll find that the Arte Artsy experience is available for both ordinary and celebratory moments alike

With most of their all-inclusive rates ranging from ₱1,600-₱4,800, Arte Artsy Social Club then provides the complete creative experience. As they outsource master artisans to lead these activities and supply the art materials needed, all on top of providing the food and drinks for all to enjoy, Arte Artsy ultimately presents the perfect menus for people who long to create and connect.

‘Serving’ its Purpose

Apart from adding a creative touch to dining experiences on an individual scale, Arte Artsy also hopes to reactivate spaces through art. “We collaborate with establishments to liven up their space with a creative energy,” Mitz shares, emphasizing its significance with the disconnection brought about by the digital age.

“Dining is one of the intimate times to connect and reflect, may it be with yourself, your loved ones, or your friends.”

As for the people they aim to reach, Arte Artsy prides itself on a platform that is open to everyone. As Mitz believes, “Art is inclusive, and our platform is [dedicated] to [creating] experiences for everybody to experience the transformative power of art.”

“Art is inclusive.”

Arte Artsy Social Club shows its commitment to fostering connections by providing a space where people can come together and bond over food and the shared experience of journeying toward their own senses of creativity.

With this, Arte Artsy is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to nourish your soul with a more artful and reflective bonding experience. For updates on their latest events and workshops, follow Arte Artsy Social Club on Facebook and Instagram.          

Photography Kyrra Kho

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