Read Our Favorite Moments From Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts

If you are a certified “Potterhead,” then your 2022 was off to a great start!

With COVID-19 and everything that came with it; not to mention the devastation caused by Typhoon Odette—Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts was the kind of reprieve we all needed (anybody else started welling up right from the start?).

The informative documentary was a great trip down memory lane, and a real treat. Though its entirety was really good, still, surely everyone had their pick of favorites. Here are some of ours (spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen it).

Chris Columbus Sets the Stage

Daniel Radcliffe, as the host, said to Chris that it felt like he didn’t get enough credit as the director of the first two installments—and he was right.

The best part was hearing the cast talk about him and his treatment towards them. It almost didn’t feel like work to them at all. Chris gave them the space to be kids which really reflected in the film. 

In addition to Chris, the documentary felt complete as the rest of the directors, namely Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell, and David Yates were in it too. They all depicted to us Harry’s journey to adulthood magically.

The Stuff Behind the Scenes

From James Phelps (who played Fred) breaking Mike’s ribs during the shoot of Goblet of Fire; Rupert Grint not doing his homework for Alfonso because it’s such a Ron thing to do; Daniel who found it a pleasure to be Helena Bonham Carter’s “co-star, and coaster;”  to Alan Rickman being the only person to know how it will all end—the cast hand more than a handful of stories behind-the-scenes that kept us glued to the screen. 

This Thing with Tom and Emma

Of course! We adore these two, especially Emma Watson for being so candid about her admiration towards Tom Felton. It has to be said that Tom, being older than her, became pretty protective of her over the years. These two as they shared, have a kinship; with Emma adding that she can be vulnerable around him. There is nothing romantic between the two, and we respect that. We wish there could be something there but hey! Better being friends than hating each other in real life. Our hearts cannot take it if that would happen. 

In Loving Memory

The documentary would not be complete without honoring those who were a part of the magic. Though it was sad, it was also beautiful as that opportunity gave the actors who appeared on-screen the space to give their respective tributes.

The Lasting Friendship

As Rupert expressed, they do not always have to be in touch, but the bond will remain. That hit hard.

It has been 20 years since they starred in the franchise. It was a treat seeing them recall some of their fondest memories to some of the struggles they faced with the fame that came with it. It also gave viewers insight on their journey to adulthood, not just their characters’ journeys. 

Putting focus on Emma, Daniel, and Rupert, it was also comforting knowing that over the years as Harry, Hermoine, and Ron, there was this unspeakable bond. No words had to be said. They could just look at each other, and that was it. 

By them returning to Hogwarts, it also felt like we—who have grown up with this world—have returned too. Now all that’s left to do is wait for our letter. Until that happens, we’ll just watch the movies for the nth time.


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