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How Good Habits and Good Coffee Get You Through the Day

As creatures of habit, coffee is a must.

In this day and age, the idea of a world without coffee is unthinkable. Even the kids are drinking it!

For some, a day without caffeine drives them nuts. For others, sipping coffee even in the evening is close to nothing, simply enjoying a brew. Yet, for many, making that daily cup of joe (emphasis on ‘daily’) becomes an ingrained habit that’s hard to break. The concept behind Good Habits Coffee is to honor these routines while providing excellent coffee.

With a shared love for quality coffee and a profound respect for the artistry behind it, co-founders Alexis Mendoza, Angel Ostrea, and Rick Ostrea set off to share their favorite brews.

“At Good Habits, we serve excellence as we try to elevate and redefine what has become a timely routine for many, which is drinking coffee,” co-founder Alexis Mendoza explains.

Good Habits began with a takeaway concept and a kiosk at its One Paseo branch in Banilad, Cebu City. However, certain coffee enthusiasts prefer a setting where they can sit, relax, and savor their coffee on the spot. Recognizing this demand, Good Habits made the decision to expand to Paseo Arcenas in Banawa. Sounds like a good coffee date spot to us!

“The Good Habit experience starts with a good cup of coffee as we encourage our guests to consider their daily routines and good habits,” says Alexis.

Good Habits offers a selection of the classics, milk-based beverages for non-coffee aficionados, and specialty drinks. Figuring out which drinks are a must-try? Alexis shares her favorites, starting with the Spanish Latte, Matcha Cloud Latte, and Sea Salt Cloud Latte.

Now the specials are truly intriguing. Aside from the Matcha Cloud and the Sea Salt Cloud, there’s also the Nutella Cloud Latte and a Dirty Matcha Latte, which is a blend of matcha and coffee. It’s a moment of “I can’t decide, but I’m feeling adventurous”. Now, talk about an extra shot!

Like any other coffee shop, desserts aren’t merely for show. Cakes such as the classic New York cheesecake, carrot cake, and ube cake are also on offer at their Paseo Arcenas branch.

With 100% Arabica beans for each brew, nothing can go wrong. “We also aim to serve the gap between practicality and accessibility, offering quality beverages at an affordable price,” Alexis shares.

People choose coffee shops often because they’re in a hurry. But let’s not forget, you can also customize your café coffee to suit your preferences perfectly. Elevate your coffee experience with options like soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, or sweetened milk. If you’re a sea salt freak, don’t miss out on the sea salt cream add-on!

“Here, it is more than just about the coffee. It’s about the emotion, the freedom, the habit of treating yourself when you’re on the go.” —Alexis Mendoza

Have your coffee break at One Paseo, Banilad from 7 AM to 12 MN or at Paseo Arcenas, Banawa from 7 AM to 10 PM. Want instant coffee but don’t feel like heading out? Enjoy quality coffee from the comforts of your home with FoodPanda and GrabFood.

Photography Kyrra Kho

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