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Play, Laugh, Explore: Tumble Town is Every Child’s Happy Place 

Some time ago, children’s laughter echoed in the streets playing bato-lata, patintero, takyan, and all those games that every kid somehow universally knew (millennial moms, I’m looking at you). As the sun is about to set, we hear our moms calling out for us to get back home for dinner. The malls in the quiet little city had just opened then, and you’d always come across a classmate or two in the good old mall playgrounds and mini-theme parks. The world seemed like a small neighborhood community. Well, times have changed, and so has childhood. 

These days, very young children are growing up in a world with the internet, Alexa, smart cars, and generative AI. Definitely not the typical ‘90s to early ‘00s childhood filled with cassette tapes and wonky dial-up internet.

But take a step into Tumble Town, and it will remind you of the dream-like childhood wonder that can easily be lost in all the grown-up technology that kids are surrounded by today. Created with love and magic by the dynamic duo Hazel Tirol and Katrina Fonacier, Tumble Town is Cebu’s newest gem in the world of indoor playgrounds for kids, a whimsical wonderland where fun knows no bounds!

Mom duo’s labor of love shared through the love of child’s play

Designed and curated carefully with their own kids in mind, Hazel and Kat’s creative masterpiece is this vibrant indoor adventure world, inspired by nature and thoughtfully integrated with tunnels and slides. “Kat and I share the same passion, so this playground was built and crafted with love for our kids,” Hazel shares, her eyes bright with excitement. Their vision for Tumble Town was simple yet profoundto create a safe, nurturing environment where children can learn, grow, and, most importantly, have fun!

The colorful play structures beckon children to climb, crawl, and explore, while the soft play areas provide a cozy spot for little ones to rest and recharge. “I think the most popular attraction here is really the playhouse for older kids, and then for the smaller kids, they like the pretend play area,” Kat says. Every space is well-thought-out; there’s something for younger and older children.

Nurturing children’s curiosity and imagination through play and stories

More than just an indoor playground, Tumble Town cultivates a child’s creativity through Sensory Play and Story Time sessions on Saturdays, perfect for kids 1 to 5 years old who have such unbridled imagination. “We started this last November, we thought of it because, with our kids, we didn’t know where to bring them during weekends. So when we thought of this, we really did a lot of research; we actually called the playschool teachers of our kids, and they’re the ones that are teaching our classes every weekend,” explains Kat.

A place for parent-and-child community and connection

Fostering shared experiences, Tumble Town is a community hub, a place where families can connect, play, and grow together. It hosts regular seasonal festivities like Halloween and Christmas activities. They also offer three-hour exclusive use of the playground for birthday parties and playdates.

Beyond all the fun and excitement happening at Tumble Town, their top priority, aside from play, is child safety. “We have a daily cleaning schedule,” Kat tells us. “And every night, we do disinfectant fogging.” Hazel adds, “In addition to our regular disinfection process, we hire expert cleaners for thorough deep cleaning and disinfection once every two to three months. So we really know that our playground is safe and spotless for endless playdates.”

The importance of play for the modern-day child

Today’s fast-paced, tech-driven lifestyle may have overtaken many childhood experiences decades ago, but with play sanctuaries like Tumble Town, children’s play is protected, revered, and honored—and rightfully so. After all, we were all young once, and we know firsthand how play is a child’s right as much as it is a child’s work.

If your little one is looking for some play time, some movement, or even just to get up and get off-screen time, hop into Tumble Town, located on the second floor of Streetscape, Banilad. Open daily from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Tumble Town lets your child’s imagination tumble into a world of endless fun and free play. For updates, follow @tumbletownph on Facebook and Instagram.

Photography Kyrra Kho

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