The Friends You Need, and The Friends You Need to Leave

As Amy Poehler said, “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” We always have that circle of friends: friends who matter the most, and those who we wish we never met.

On that note, these are the friends you should cherish and have in your circle:

The Confidant

The person you go to to bare your soul. This is the friend who listens as you bawl your eyes out, comforting you with a tub of ice cream while you do so.

The Clown

We always have that one friend who makes you or everyone laugh. This friend helps you forget your troubles when you are with them.

The Brutally Honest

The harsh one, but will always have your back. He speaks the truth, gives it to you straight without any sugar coating. This is the kind of friend who you want to consult with when you want to have an honest and unbiased opinion, and will also speak up for you when you are scared to speak your mind.

The Nurturer

In a group, there is always the mother or father figure whose approval is sought-after. This pal always reminds you not to drink too much or not to party too hard, and the one who organizes gatherings and make sure to cover all the details.

The Cheerleader

The friend who roots for you during the ups and downs of your life, encourages you, and lets you believe in yourself.

Meanwhile, these are the bunch that should not even be in your corner, let alone ones you entertain:

The Pessimist

The friend who always finds a way to rain on your parade. He finds the negative in everything, and can’t find anything right with the world. This is the ‘glass-half-full’ kind of person.

The Emotional Vampire

This person always unloads their garbage on you. They let you listen to their rants and worries without any interest or concern in yours. Having someone like this in your life feels like a one-way road leading towards a dead end. This kind of friend sucks the energy from you, leaving you feeling drained.

The Fair Weather Friend

This is the kind of friend who is only there for you during the good times, or when they need something from you. When everything is all roses, expect this friend to always be by your side. When things seem to go south, this friend will be the first to disappear.

The Manipulator

The very convincing one whose specialty is to make you feel guilty. Manipulative friends often play the victim role to get pity from you. Once they find your weaknesses, they will use this against you.

The Social Terrorist

This type of friend can either be a narcissist, a sociopath, or both. Finding out what is real or fake or a lie is challenge, depending on how well they weave their tales. For those who hate liars, decide on how many fibs you can take before you say goodbye.


Life is short, keep close to those friends who bring positivity to your life. Value your friends who are on a two-way street with you, and cherish the friends who can help bring out the best in you while seeing the worst in you. True friends will always keep your best interests at heart.

Spend less times with friends who should not be in your corner. Let time take its course to let you drift apart with no big drama involved. In a nutshell, choose your friends wisely.


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