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These Locally Made Surfboards Make for a Surfer’s Paradise

What started as a passionate project in the garage of surf enthusiasts Carlo Bien and Earl Mondero has grown into a renowned brand loved by surfers locally and even worldwide.

Carlo and Earl, both avid surfers and joined later by Nico Chua, one day decided to channel their extensive knowledge and passion for surfing into creating their own surfboards. This experiment led to the creation of the AFRAME Surf Company, as they realized they could serve a growing community of surfers looking for quality and personalized boards.

AFRAME isn’t just a company; it’s a testament to the spirit of surfing, blending meticulous engineering with boundless creativity to craft the perfect surfboards.

A Legacy Born on the Waves

Co-founder and head shaper Carlo Bien, and Earl Mondero, who leads the production of handmade fins at both AFRAME and Pacific Fin Co., have created a surf-centric ecosystem that respects tradition and innovation.

Carlo views surfing as a dynamic sport that demands a surfboard to be both a piece of art and a technical marvel. His philosophy is simple yet profound: understand the wave and tailor the board to meet its rhythm and the surfer’s style.

AFRAME’s specialty lies in its customization. Whether it’s a shortboard, mid-length, or longboard, each piece is personalized. This bespoke approach ensures that every surfer walks away with a board that feels like an extension of their spirit and style

Sustainable Craftsmanship

Every AFRAME surfboard is handcrafted with precision and care by local artisans. By employing locals, AFRAME not only boosts the local economy but also ensures that the craft of surfboard making is passed down through generations. This commitment to community and craftsmanship is what sets AFRAME apart in the global marketplace.

The Heart of Surfing: Community and Innovation

AFRAME is deeply embedded in the surf community, supplying custom boards to resorts in popular spots like Siargao. Their influence and support help fuel the local surfing scene, making it accessible to beginners and seasoned pros.

For those new to the sport, Carlo offers sage advice: “Embrace the travel that comes with surfing, take it easy, and above all, have fun”.

Earl, on the other hand, encourages surfers to experiment with different fins, which they produce locally, to find the perfect match for their boards and surfing style.

Beyond Surfboards: A Lifestyle Brand

While AFRAME began with surfboards, it has successfully branched out into other areas, including sunglasses, clothing, and hats. This expansion has transformed AFRAME from a surfboard manufacturer into a lifestyle brand, embodying the cool, laid-back vibe that surfers resonate with.

From its humble beginnings, AFRAME has not only captured the essence of surfing but has also enhanced it, one wave at a time. With a clear focus on quality, community, and sustainability, AFRAME continues to ride the waves of success, promising to bring more innovation and artistry to the world of surfing.

For surf enthusiasts around the globe, AFRAME is not just a brand; it’s a gateway to experiencing the wave-riding culture of the Philippines, crafted by surfers, for surfers. Catch waves with AFRAME on Instagram and Facebook.

Photography Kyrra Kho

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