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Get Rid of Your Blues at Radisson Blu’s Feria

The sensation surrounding the sophisticated culinary establishment in Cebu has captivated the interest of individuals from all walks of life, particularly gastronomical enthusiasts from the splendid Queen City of the South.

With an air of magnificence and enthusiasm, the renowned Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu has emerged as a captivating destination, drawing in a multitude of food aficionados and esteemed personalities who yearn to indulge in its exceptional dining experience. Of notable mention is Feria, the hotel’s exquisitely lavish and extraordinary restaurant, which has garnered immense acclaim for its unparalleled gastronomic voyage that awaits discerning guests.

The inspiration behind the restaurant, Feria, derives from its name, which holds significance in both Spanish and Latin. In Spanish, “Feria” means a small celebration, while in Latin, it signifies a holiday or a cause for celebration. Undoubtedly, this name perfectly encapsulates the enchanting encounter diners undergo when they embark on a culinary exploration of this remarkable addition to Cebu’s abundant gastronomic landscape.

Much like the effervescent bubbles found in champagne, which people often indulge in during special occasions, Feria aims to provide a dining experience that evokes a sense of festivity. 

Feria aims to provide a culinary journey that caters to individuals of all ages and families alike. Their objective is to create an immersive dining experience by offering a wide range of international dishes, representing the flavors of Japan, Europe, China, the Philippines, and India. This diverse selection allows esteemed guests to embark on a gourmand adventure and savor tastes from various corners of the globe.

Among the extensive menu options, certain dishes have gained popularity and become beloved favorites among their loyal patrons. These include exquisite salmon sashimi, prepared with utmost care to tantalize your taste buds. Their succulent grilled salmon is also a sought-after choice, known for its delicate flavors and expert preparation.

Additionally, Feria takes pride in their assortment of Indian delicacies that showcase the richness and complexity of the cuisine. For those seeking hearty options, their flavorful roast beef is a delectable choice. Indulgence awaits with their homemade ice creams, crafted with love and designed to melt in your mouth. To satisfy your sweet tooth, Feria also offers an indulgent bread pudding that is sure to leave you craving for more. And for pizza enthusiasts, they present a selection of mouthwatering pizzas, prepared to perfection.

Under the guidance of Feria’s esteemed executive chef, Nick Van Riemsdijk, their menu undergoes periodic updates to reflect the changing culinary landscape. “We may incorporate trends such as “vegetarian” offerings or design special dishes to align with festive seasons like Christmas. Additionally, we are excited to participate in the upcoming Cebu Food and Wine Festival, where we will showcase regional Filipino cuisine,” shares Radisson Blu manager Ian Baol.

“We understand the importance of catering to guests with allergies or dietary preferences to ensure they have a truly exceptional dining experience. Therefore, we are more than capable of accommodating specific requirements and providing suitable alternatives,” he added.

Feria’s buffet features a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, including refreshing chilled juices and iced teas. Furthermore, they have a dedicated section for healthy drinks, with a different option available during each mealtime. These rotate between antioxidant-rich beetroot juice and a low-calorie detox drink infused with cucumber and basil. As a signature beverage within their buffet, Feria proudly presents the Krazy Basil, a delightful concoction crafted with cucumber, basil, and calamansi

“While we offer an impressive selection of wines, they are not included in the buffet and must be purchased separately. However, for an additional fee of 1,288 net, guests can indulge in a wine buffet,” Ian conveyed.

The ambiance at Feria is intended to be warm, inviting, and conducive to a pleasant dining experience. While the atmosphere is lively and enjoyable, the restaurant strives to maintain a noise level that allows for comfortable conversation, creating an environment suitable for the entire family. 

Feria prioritizes their customers’ preferences and strives to ensure a fulfilling experience for each and every guest. Upon arrival, guests will be warmly welcomed by the restaurant’s reception staff and guided to their reserved seats. Although guests have the option to choose their seating arrangement, priority is given to those who have made reservations in advance. They also offer private rooms at no additional charge for larger groups, subject to availability. “Our talented chefs and cooks are available to address any specific dietary restrictions or preferences the guests may have,” Ian added.

Indulge in an extraordinary dining experience at Feria, where your culinary dreams are transformed into reality.


Photography Kyrra Kho


About Khesa Maria Villocino

Khesa is a coffee aficionado who spends most of her time reading, crafting art, traveling locally, and catching her favorite TV shows. An admitted true-crime and murder mystery fanatic, always on the hunt for the next intriguing documentary.


About Khesa Maria Villocino

Khesa is a coffee aficionado who spends most of her time reading, crafting art, traveling locally, and catching her favorite TV shows. An admitted true-crime and murder mystery fanatic, always on the hunt for the next intriguing documentary.

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