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Make Your Floral Fantasies Come True with The Flower Studio PH

Flowers add fantasy to any occasion.

Doesn’t it feel so special when you receive a romantic flower bouquet? 

Any space can be transformed into a magical garden with the right flower arrangements and lights.

It is The Flower Studio PH’s specialty to bring life and whimsy to any event or location with its luxury flowers and event styling. A Cebu-based premium flower shop that goes above and beyond, The Flower Studio offers unique and customizable arrangements for your flower needs.

“We prioritize quality above all and strive to bring an elevated level of artistry to every arrangement we create and every event we get to style.” —Davelyn Lim, Founder of The Flower Studio PH

Born out of a passion for the craft

The Flower Studio PH was born out of founder Davelyn Lim’s love for flowers and the desire to fill the gap in Cebu’s floral offerings. “I’ve always wondered why Cebu didn’t seem to offer the same styles I was so fond of,” Davelyn says.

This curiosity and passion grew into The Flower Studio PH. It has since become a premium flower shop that goes beyond just selling flowers.

Other than a wide range of arrangements for various occasions, which you can browse through their social media pages, they also have personalized flower bar carts, event styling, and occasional collaborative events with the local community.

A selection of international-quality flowers and arrangements

The Flower Studio PH sets itself apart from other local flower shops with not only the quality of its styling but also the selection of premium flowers it offers. Davelyn tells us, “I’m particularly passionate about bringing floral styling to another level, as we take pride in sourcing our flowers directly from various locations worldwide. This ensures a premium selection that meets the standards of “international-level” floral styling.”

Their selections also vary by season. Davelyn and her team offer blooms tailored to each season’s natural offerings. “Whether it’s the vibrant colors of spring, the warmth of summer, the rich hues of fall, or the delicate beauty of winter, our arrangements reflect the best of what each season brings, in both variety and size,” Davelyn comments.

This is why, no matter the season, the arrangements from The Flower Studio PH have a distinct look that you would notice compared to their competition.

A personal favorite

If you are not familiar with the world of luxury flowers, Davelyn Lim personally recommends peony flower arrangements. 

 “While I appreciate the beauty of all flowers, peonies hold a special place in my heart. Although they’re seasonal and not readily available locally, I eagerly anticipate their peak season. I can’t wait to offer them when they’re at their finest, showcasing them in full size,” she shares.

They are available now, as they typically bloom in spring from April to June.

What’s coming?

Currently, The Flower Studio PH delivers the first flower bar concept in Cebu with its personalized flower bar catering services. Along with her trusted team, they are now bringing this experience directly to your events. “From corporate gatherings to birthdays, bridal showers, and more, our flower bar adds a delightful and interactive touch. Guests can create their own custom arrangements,” Davelyn adds.

For inquiries and order placements, visit The Flower Studio PH on Instagram at @theflowerstudio.ph and Facebook at The Flower Studio PH. Make sure to like and follow to stay up-to-date on their newest offerings and promotions.

Photography Kyrra Kho | HMUA Lance Raphael Patalinjug | Location The Studios at Nest Workspaces

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