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8 Places to Shop Bouquets for Valentine’s Day That Are Not Your Typical Flower Arrangement

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’re sure this one timeless Valentine staple has been on your mind—flowers.

It’s a staple for a reason—flowers are beautiful, smell wonderful, and convey a variety of meanings via the language of flowers. You can’t go wrong with a classic bouquet.

But if you’re looking to switch things up a little with something unique and different, then we’ve got just the list of shops for you (Hint: They’re not all florists). As you’ll soon see, not all flower bouquets are created equal in this article, so find the one that will help your love bloom! 

Here are eight places to buy unique flower bouquets from for Valentine’s Day:

Crochet Studio Cebu

Whoever said crochet was just for fashion or decor?

Photo courtesy of Crochet Studio Cebu

Perhaps your valentine loves handicraft goods or likes to accessorize cottagecore-style. They’ll adore Crochet Studio’s crochet bouquets just like you adore them. Surprise them with crochet roses or something from the shop’s special Valentine’s Day arrangements, which they offer at ₱590-₱680. Check them out on Instagram.

Dee’ Sweets

We’ve all got a sweet tooth on Hearts Day, so what could be more perfect than getting your loved one flowers and cake in one?

Photo courtesy of Dee’ Sweets

Take your pick from Dee’ Sweets’ signature floral cake offerings. Would you fancy a lovely cupcake bouquet? Or maybe a full-size ‘boucake’? Maybe something even handier, such as their dainty flower baskets? Made of buttercream petals, of course. Visit Dee’ Sweets on Instagram.

By Elle

Speaking of cakes and flowers, what if you could gift both in one pretty little box? 

Photo courtesy of By Elle

By Elle is a florist known for their community collaborations, and their February special, featuring their Sweetheart set (₱1,399), is *chef’s kiss*—even Cupid would approve. Visit their Instagram to find out more.

Dried Flowers Philippines

Fresh flowers may be the go-to when gifting and romancing, but you have to admit there’s an alluring charm to dried flowers. Just take a look at some of these gorgeous arrangements from Dried Flowers Philippines and you’ll see what we mean.

Photo courtesy of Dried Flowers Philippines

Their bouquets also come in elegant flower domes and vase arrangements if you’re looking for a more novel presentation. Explore their Valentine’s collection, which starts at ₱950, on their website or check out their Instagram

Pour and Cure

Let’s take it up a crafty notch with neither fresh nor dried flowers, but pressed flowers, in this case, preserved splendidly in handcrafted resin accessories from Pour and Cure.

Photo courtesy of Pour and Cure

Delight loved ones with sunflowers in a resin necklace, roses in a heart-shaped sculpture, or a resin vase with encased daisies. You can shop their selections, ranging from ₱199 to ₱3,500, on their website and Instagram.

Berry Bliss

We can’t talk about Valentine’s Day without discussing chocolate. But this is a flower-focused list, so we’ve got just the perfect sugary-flowery fusion to recommend.

Photo courtesy of Berry Bliss

Berry Bliss’s delicious creations feature an added touch of sweetness in their strawberry bouquets, all of which are coated in chocolate. Show that special person how you feel with one of Berry Bliss’s fruity artisan arrangements or spell it out with their limited edition strawberries and roses gift box. Visit them on Instagram.

Marguerite’s Kitchen

Searching for other options yet that will be a treat for your beloved’s taste buds? Look no further than Marguerite’s Kitchen and their delectable tarts. 

Photo courtesy of Marguerite’s Kitchen

These tarts look divine and, from what we’ve heard, taste divine too. Each tart is elaborately created and, with delicate floral garnishes, would make a charming gift. We think we’re in love. You can order from Marguerite’s Kitchen on Instagram.

Flowers by Mama Z

Since we’re offering our hearts up on Valentine’s, why not do it literally (well, almost) with a floral version?

Photo courtesy of Flowers by Mama Z

The heart-shaped bouquet of love from Flowers by Mama Z might be just what you’re looking for. You can then shower the ones you care for with even more love by gifting them flowers in a bag, aka the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Trust us—they’ll be smitten. Shop Flowers by Mama Z on their website and Instagram.

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