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Tips from the Master: How to Maximize Our Luck this Year

With the Chinese New Year finally here, a new chapter of our life may begin. With a new wave of energy entering into our lives, it is natural to find a way to manage or maximize whatever may find us, so we must start having good Feng Shui to preserve the prosperity 2023 brings.

This means that we need to wear red, eat specific food, and buy certain figurines, right? Well, not really.

Many misconceptions exist regarding Feng Shui. Fallacies like buying certain jewelry and figurines, and wearing specific colors, don’t actually help you with your luck. It isn’t even Feng Shui, to begin with!

When it comes to maximizing our good luck and minimizing bad luck, it all boils down to knowing the Three Factors of Human Success, namely Heaven Luck, Man Luck, and Earth Luck.

Heaven Luck

One’s Heaven Luck refers to one’s innate characteristics. Our Heaven Luck reveals to us our tendencies, potential job opportunities, auspicious and inauspicious periods in life, etc.

Our Heaven Luck can reveal many things about oneself that even the person is not aware of. Though this seems like something one gradually figures out in life, with a Bazi Calculator and a skilled Master, one is able to know one’s past, present, and future with the press of a button.

Bazi is the name of the tool where a master can read the foundations of one’s life. With the input of one’s birth date and time, a personalized chart of our traits is laid before us.

By going to this website, one is able to see one’s Bazi Chart. Though there is much to see, focus for now on the element in the column under Day and along the row Heavenly Stem as I will be giving your luck for the year 2023 in regards to that.

The Element—either Metal, Fire, Water, Earth, or Wood—in the box refers to your Day Master.

Though it may be one of many things in your Chart, many things can be extracted from it. To have a more in-depth reading about your Element or your Chart overall, contact a skilled Bazi Master.

For now, here is the generalized luck of the five elements based on Day Master for the year 2023:

Fire Day Masters

This may be the year where not only you will have people looking up to you, you may even get a promotion as well! Opportunities for a job change or higher positions are prevalent this year.

However, due to your good luck and quick rise, jealous people may scheme against you to make the workplace stressful. Keep a level head to avoid mishaps this 2023.

Water Day Masters

Don your best clothes as you will be meeting new people and forging new friendships this year. Not only that, chances for finding romantic or business partners are greater this time as well.

With the number of people you will be meeting, it is wise to keep an eye on your wallet as the festivities may result in lighter pockets. Balancing the expenses and the merriment with your circle of friends will lead to many different kinds of wealth.

Earth Day Masters

Cash may flow more smoothly toward you this year. Business deals and opportunities may come quickly and easily which would ensure a smooth 2023 as well.

However, don’t get enchanted by the mass amount of money you gain as this may cause you to impulsively spend and invest in things that give little profit. Remember to be wise with the money you acquire and this 2023 will leave you with heavy pockets and bulging wallets.

Metal Day Masters

You may feel as if you are surging and brimming with new ideas and desires to immediately take these ideas into action. With this in mind, a year full of creativity and opportunities to execute them will be prevalent.

However, one should stay open-minded this year as our passion for our ideas may lead us to be more argumentative and opinionated. Stay calm and be open-minded to reap the most gains this year.

Wood Day Masters

Many people may come to your side to aid you in our endeavors this year. People who may guide you to higher wisdom and trustworthy business partners may come to you by the dozen as well, but this does not mean one should be lax.

One should stay alert as our luck to attract people may bring in conmen to our side as well. Stay focused and tread carefully to be unscathed this 2023.

Additionally, since Heaven Luck can show one’s auspicious and inauspicious periods in time, it is heavily influenced by time as well. Though it is obvious that it changes yearly, Heaven Luck also shifts every two hours.

Heaven, though very general now, can reveal so much more and with greater accuracy with the right person. With that in mind, another factor that has to be mentioned that is also affected by time is Earth Luck.

Earth Luck

Earth Luck is actually what Feng Shui is supposed to be. Instead of dealing with figurines and charms, Earth Luck actually deals with the energy of one’s environment.

When it comes to Earth Luck, it’s separated into two parts: internal and external. External Feng Shui comprises 70% of the energy while internal consists of only 30%.

Though external has a greater impact, it comes with more technicalities, while internal, which will be the focus, is simpler.

Internal Earth luck, otherwise known as Internal Feng Shui, like Heaven Luck, shifts every so often.

While External Feng Shui deals with landforms, Internal Feng Shui deals with the sectors of a house. There are 9 sectorsnamely the 8 directions plus the centerin total to be considered that have the luck that shifts both annually and monthly.

Knowing this, for the year 2023, the luck of each sector can be tracked and known through the Feng Shui system called Flying Star.

Many things are important in the Flying Star system such as stove placement, bed placement, desk placement, and the like. But for simplicity’s sake, the main focus will be the main door as that is the entry of energy coming from the external Feng Shui.

Firstly, one must know which sector or direction one’s main door is.

To do this, you must grab a compass or download any compass app on your phone and point the phone to where the main door is from the center of your home. With this, you now know your main door sector.

Now with the knowledge of the sector of your main door, here is the 2023 Flying Star Feng Shui Luck:

Southwest Main Door: Star #1—Nobility

For those whose main doors are in this sector, expect people who will come to aid you this year! Ensure that you are putting yourself out there to attract the noblest people to ensure the continuous flow of prosperity this 2023!

East Main Door: Star #2—Sickness

For the East sectors, the Illness star has befallen its negative effects. Sickness may run rampant for all those whose main door lies here.

Maintain proper nutrition, healthy exercise, and enough sleep to manage any negativity this sector may bring this year.

Northeast Main Door: Star #7—Robbery and Violence

Tread carefully this 2023 as it houses the Robbery and Violence star. Security should be doubled down this year to protect all those who may want to take advantage of leniency.

Stay vigilant and patient to wade off any bad energy this may bring.

North Main Door: Star #9—Multiplying Star

Get your thinking caps on as the Star of Future Endeavours has chosen North as its house for 2023. This energy promises prosperity, and what better way to maximize it than planning and preparing for the big opportunities when they arrive?

Take this time to devise your master plan and the boons from the opportunities will be tremendous.

Northwest Main Door: Star #5—Disaster and Misfortune

Take care of those with the Northwest main door sector as it contains the Disaster and Misfortune star. Accidents and bad luck may befall those with this sector, so remember to stay calm and make smart decisions and be aware of your surroundings to avoid activating its negative effect further.

Center Main Door: Star #4—Academic and Relationship

Prepare to get your head in the books and put yourself out there as this sector has the Academic and Relationship star. New people may come by the dozen for you this year with opportunities for learning as well.

Remember to continue diligent and hard work to reap the auspicious luck of this sector even further!

South Main Door: Star #8—Wealth

Rejoice! The wealth star is at your doorstep this year! Gains from all sorts of places may be reaped in full now that this sector has this star.

Remember to keep hustling and keep up the hard work to maximize all gains from this sector.

West Main Door: Star #6—Authority and Reputation

This year, opportunities for you to lead will be higher for the Authority and Reputation star rests in this sector. Remember that having Authority means a lot of responsibility, but with chances to improve your reputation.

Keep up the hard work and look forward to the positive star of leadership!

Southeast Main Door: Star #3—Quarrelsome

Remember to be tactful and open-minded this year as this sector has the Quarrelsome star. Fights starting even over petty things may occur, so remember to keep a level head even in the heat of the moment to avoid relationships and bonds being damaged.

You may have noticed in reading this article that I always pair up the knowledge of the Day Masters and Luck of the Sectors with advice on how to act or what to do. It is intentional because the last factor of Human Success is the most integral part of how one achieves their goals. That being the Man Luck, or hard work and determination.

When it comes to the three factors, knowing is only half the battle. As much as it is useful that one’s main door brings in more misfortune if one does not do anything to minimize its effects, then the knowledge is wasted.

If one knows that the year brings more illnesses because of one’s Day Master, it is useless if one does not take the precautions to prioritize their health.

Man Luck

Our Man Luck is what makes or breaks us because no matter the knowledge we know or the ideals we hold, we are no better than those who know nothing if one does nothing.

With the knowledge one holds now, applying what we know is the main ingredient in achieving the goals we have set and the dreams we hold dear.

With the year of the Yin Water Rabbit finally here, let’s all exceed the expectations of not only those who think highly of us but our expectations as well. Now that we are equipped with a bit of information regarding our Heaven Luck and Earth Luck, and the fact that everything, even our future, is in our hands to control and mold with our Man Luck, Let us begin this Chinese New Year right.

Let us start this New Year informed. Let us all move and start with clarity.


Photography Ted Bermudez

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