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What The Signs Can Expect This Year

There’s no mistaking it. We are in 2024, and as we journey around the Sun for another 340-plus days, maybe try and consider the planetary and lunar cycles at play to make the most of this new year. 

2024 solar and lunar eclipses will mostly happen in the Aries-Libra axis prompting us to strike a balance between releasing and receiving in areas related to independence and relationships. Mercury’s backward movements change from last year’s Earth sign retrogrades to fire, meaning the planet will be retrograde in the signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius this year. Creativity, vibrance, action, and tempering one’s energy will be themes that may come up a lot during these transits. 

Another major shift is Pluto’s move to Aquarius which started this month until he goes retrograde again into Capricorn for the last time in September. As the planet of deep transformation and changes, Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, where we’ve seen a major shift in the world economy. His transit through the sign also changed the way we see resources and power structures, according to which world powers gained and lost. The planet reenters Aquarius in November and finally stays, giving us a sense of what will transform in the next two decades. Fresh out of its retrograde period in Taurus, Jupiter, the planet of fortune and expansion, is also moving to Gemini in May, bringing about more curiosity and a renewed zest to learn. Be careful of getting distracted though, because Jupiter will want to jump into any new topic it finds interesting, ignoring the nitty gritty of every pursuit. The lesson is refinement and clarity in communications.

Based on these major planetary events, here’s what every sign can expect this year. Get more insight by reading both your rising sign and Sun sign scopes. Note that these are mostly general assumptions, and if you want to get more specific, I recommend seeking a professional astrologer to see what’s up based on your birth chart.


This year, expect growth and softness. Be brave in confronting your insecurities and choose grace in the face of mistakes and frustrations, especially when dealing with people’s projections of you.


Money talks in 2024. Your relationship with resources and money will be refreshed as you open yourself up to new possibilities and ventures this year. Time to bring out the balance sheet!


This year offers you healing. Pay attention to what you need if you’ve been busy working and giving for the benefit of others! It wouldn’t hurt to get a mental health or a physical check-up this year.


This year brings you clarity. Opportunities or nudges from the cosmos set up the stage for your career or what you want to build. You draw surer, thicker lines between your needs and wants.


Your relationships deepen in 2024, and this includes a greater appreciation of yourself. Your commitment to being a better person is yielding fruits and the people around you see it!


The cosmos invites you to turn the volume up and show the world what you’re about. Take this opportunity to make an impact through your work and your values. Best believe you will be heard.


2024 is a year of vulnerability. Your journey towards authenticity reaches new depths as you take bigger risks in your relationships. Remember that honesty blended with kindness makes stronger bonds.


The new year brings you opportunities to change and move. It might feel a little shaky, but while you’re being uprooted, you develop ways to build stronger foundations that truly fit your needs to thrive.


You earn meaningful connections this year. Your hopeful vibe and optimism magnetize people towards you. Keep them by being generous with your knowledge and wisdom. 


This year, you embark on a journey to acquire new skills for your toolkit. You find out that committing to what brings you joy also means learning a few new skills and tricks to sustain them.


2024 brings you inspiration. The itch to reinvent yourself or to initiate change within becomes more apparent. Rather than acting out of fear, make sure to make changes according to what excites you.


This is your year for self-commitment. To materialize your dreams you first have to believe in your capacity to do the thing. It’s possible to cultivate faith in yourself, but it requires time and discipline. Start soon.

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