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Have a ‘Cupa Coffee’ at the Newest Sibling-Ran Hangout Spot on the Block

Unless you live under a rock, you would know that apart from Cebu’s scenic tourist attractions and its rich history, another must-see is its burgeoning coffee scene. As Cebu’s coffee culture expands to new horizons, new coffee shops like Capu Coffee joins in to position itself as a worthwhile stop for tourists and local coffee enthusiasts exploring the city.

In recent years, Cebu has witnessed a surge in specialty coffee shops, each offering a unique experience for coffee enthusiasts. From hole-in-the-wall gems to innovative adjustments in upscale establishments, the city caters to diverse preferences. These coffee havens not only provide a refuge for those seeking a moment of respite but also serve as platforms for local baristas to showcase their craft. 

“It’s been a while since we’ve had discussions on how opening a coffee shop in the middle of Cebu would be a dream,” the team shares of how the business came about. “Given that our mother is talented in creating pastries but doesn’t have the time to manage a cafe and shop business, it was of much great timing that Adrian found his hobby and interest in brewing and mixing.” 

Located in Barangay Camputhaw, Cebu City, Capu Coffee’s cafe atmosphere is designed to delight the senses. From rough protruding finishes to smooth surfaces, the interior is a tactile delight. Additionally, the minimalist design, dark accents, and mood lighting create a serene atmosphere for relaxation. The carefully curated music playlist complements the interior design, ensuring a pleasant auditory experience. 

Interior designer Beatrix Tan was primarily responsible for the cafe’s interiors, but the cafe was a result of the passions and dreams of three siblings– Adrian, Beatrix, and Mandee Tan, who all contributed to the cafe in different ways. Inspired by the dream of opening a coffee shop and the family’s collective talents, Mandee handles the delicate and delightful pastries, with experience in her own pastry shop Dee’ Sweets. Bea’s interior design expertise breathes life into the captivating ambiance as well as carefully curating the cafe’s branding. At the same time, Adrian manages the shop and crafts the recipes for the signature drinks. 

“[We wanted to] make use of everybody’s hobbies and interests, as there is a saying that if you turn your passions into business, it’s always gonna flourish,” the siblings said. 

Using all-natural ingredients without artificial additives, Capu Coffee takes pride in offering its customers a delectable symphony of taste. The Spanish Latte and Matcha Latte have emerged as customer favorites, showcasing Capu Coffee’s dedication to crafting exceptional drinks from usual coffee shop finds. What takes center stage is Capu Coffee’s Ube Creme Cake, which has since become a bestseller. Its unique feature? A generous amount of all-natural ube halaya, adding to the dessert’s distinctive taste that cannot be found anywhere else. 

With the rise of third-wave coffee and an increasing appreciation for single-origin beans, Cebu is poised to become the newest hub for coffee connoisseurs. As more coffee shops like Capu Coffee experiment with unique blends and the demand for specialty coffee grows, the island’s coffee culture is set to evolve and captivate the palates of locals and tourists alike.

“[Capu Coffee] is trying to be part of this specialty coffee scene by offering local coffee beans for concocting trendy drinks and also offering single origins,” the siblings explained. “The goal is to be another worthwhile visit when someone goes coffee shop-hopping in the city or simply looking for a nice, cozy place to catch up with friends.” 

Capu Coffee also listens to its customers’ inputs and suggestions. Soon, they plan on improving the cafe with an al fresco dining setup to make it pet-friendly. Beyond the beans and brews, what sets Cebu’s coffee culture apart is the sense of community it fosters. Coffee shops often double as creative hubs, hosting art exhibits, poetry readings, and live music events. The cozy ambiance and warm hospitality create spaces where locals and visitors alike can connect, share stories, and build lasting memories over a cup of coffee. 

As Capu Coffee continues to evolve, the future holds exciting plans. Savory meals and brunch specials are on the horizon to satisfy patrons’ appetites, making Capu Coffee a go-to destination for a complete dining experience. The team says, “You can’t really have a good time on an empty stomach. So we make sure to have savory meals and brunch specials so guests can make the most of their visit.” Cocktails are set to grace the menu very soon, and the team is eyeing possible musical performances to accompany their menu selections. 

With an eye on the market, the siblings remain open to expansion, contemplating new branches to share their unique coffee culture beyond the heart of Cebu. With the siblings’ love for the endeavor close to their heart, Capu Coffee is not just a coffee shop; it’s a destination where dreams are brewed, and success is savored one cup at a time. Make sure you include Capu Coffee on your next city coffee crawl! 

Photography Kyrra Kho

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