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Heads Up, Fur-Parents: There’s A New Vet In Town!

Here’s an undeniable truth – the community of fur-parents is growing, and there’s no stopping it. (I plead guilty to it, too.)

Like any parent who cares for one’s child having their health & wellness as a top priority, fur-parents feel the same way too. Good thing we have a new vet in town to make sure our pets are always feeling their best!

We got an opportunity to connect with Dr. Kurt Adriane Ocampo, one of the owners of Vet for Pets in Cebu, in an effort to uncover Vet for Pets’ story, mission, and services, and their commitment to safeguarding more pets in Cebu!

The Love For Animals

We all have stories of how our passions began. Like us, Dr. Kurt also has his fair share of narratives that sparked his love for animals. He shared with us that this love started early in his childhood, as his father always exposed him to animals. 

“Love for animals started in the family when our father exposed us early on as a kid to several pets like turtles, snakes, and dogs,” he shared. 

No wonder Dr. Kurt decided to take his love for animals in his chosen career path!

The Birth Of Vet For Pets

Vet for Pets opened early this year, in April 2022. Along with Dr. Kurt and his co-veterinarians Dr. Jun Espinosa (Medical Doctor) and Dr. Dondi Yap (Managing Director), they decided to open a veterinary clinic that would cater to emergency cases along the areas of Mabolo and Mandaue. 

Located in Alcon Arcade F. Cabahug St. Mabolo Cebu City, Vet For Pets offer vital services that any fur parent would look for in a veterinary clinic. These veterinary services include:

  • Pet grooming
  • Consultation
  • Animal Vaccination
  • Tests & Laboratory
  • Surgery

And the best part about the clinic is that it’s open 24/7 to attend to emergency cases. Indeed, this should be a clinic that fur parents should be taking note of to ensure their pet’s wellness in alarming scenarios. 

Although just a newly opened clinic in Cebu, Dr. Kurt believes that Vet for Pets stands out among other veterinary clinics for various reasons. One of which is their commitment to offering quality services to pet owners and their pets. “Despite the very stressful nature of the job, we always greet every client and patient with our most genuine smile.”

A Message To All Pet Owners In Cebu

As Dr. Kurt shared with our team, it is very important for pet owners always to bring their pets to the vet.

“Regardless of the vast information that we could all easily access through the internet, we still strongly recommend to pet owners to entrust your valuable pets to us, veterinarians, for a better and reliable guidance regarding your pet’s wellness and health,” he shared. 

“Always remember your ‘why’s’ when owning a pet. Make sure that it is clear within you the responsibilities that you should do and needs that you should provide to such wonderful creatures.”

If you’re ready to book an appointment for your fur babies or simply would like to inquire about Vet for Pet’s services, visit them on their Facebook page for more information.

Watch: Dr. Kurt answer a few common questions pet owners have

Photography Adrian Agpasa

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