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Little Things, Big Impact: The Captain Planets of Today

Parenthood, with its inherent sense of responsibility and boundless love, became the driving force behind Shepard’s mission. Shepard Life Goods is a brand born out of a personal mission within the confines of a home. It began as a quest to nourish and protect one’s own family that has blossomed not only as a business but as a movement to inspire more individuals to embrace a more conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Co-founder Jewelle Yeung loves all things nature and animals. And after the transformative experience of parenthood, she, together with her husband Philip Mugglestone, became more empowered to make the world a better place by creating a range of sustainable products to promote a mindful way of living.

Aside from being an admirer of nature, Jewelle is also a well-known creative and has a background in fine arts and design. Her paintings have always been a poetic representation of the beauty of nature. Little did she know that her artistic exploration would eventually lead them to create something tangible as a means of safeguarding and celebrating the very subject of her paintings. 

Life really had a way of weaving together the threads of her experiences, guiding her towards creating Shepard Life Goods. Her eye for art made her eco-friendly products not only good for the body and environment, but the overall appearance is also pleasing to the eyes.

Shepard Life Goods also believes that every choice they make, including packaging decisions, can make a difference by prioritizing recyclable, minimizing plastic use, and utilizing compostable options.

And above all things, transparency and integrity lie at the core of everything they do.

They believe that conscious consumerism begins with having access to accurate and comprehensive information about the products they use. As a mother, Jewelle understands the importance of scrutinizing what is absorbed into children’s delicate skin, which is why they strive to provide as much information as possible on their website about the ingredients they use, their origins, and their benefits.

One of Shepard’s primary commitments is towards veganism, with the majority of its products being entirely vegan. However, their pain salve is an exception, which incorporates organic beeswax. While the use of beeswax may not be very “vegan”, they have taken great care to ensure that all their suppliers adhere to the strict standards they employ.

They conduct in-depth research and background checks, verifying that their suppliers possess the necessary certifications and share their advocacy against animal testing and cruelty. It’s essential for them that their suppliers align with their values and demonstrate a commitment to ethical practices.

Shepard Life Goods also believes that education and engagement are powerful tools for inspiring positive change. They have discovered that many individuals desire to make a difference, but they often lack the knowledge and guidance to take actionable steps. 

Making sustainable choices doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Shepard Life Goods offer accessible and practical solutions, they empower individuals to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily routines effortlessly.

And just like Jewelle and Phil, make better choices for the environment, not just for you but for your family. By using safe, natural, and sustainable products, you are not only contributing to the well-being of your households but also playing a part in creating a future where all children could thrive in a healthier and more harmonious world.


Photography Ezekiel Sullano

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