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Look No Further for The Bear Necessities

Art is a medium that allows humans to express their emotions and visualize their thoughts. In the modern world, every art form is a physical manifestation of someone’s imagination. It’s a vision, a feeling, a moment in time that no longer exists. Art is simply something we can’t live without. It’s a vital part of life, no doubt.

A fluid art studio is hidden in plain sight that only a few know about. The Bear Cave is one of the very first art studios of its kind here in the Queen City of the South. This studio is an oasis for creatives and those looking to be inspired– a vibrant, creative, and diverse space that provides opportunities for artistic expression.

This creative space began when couple Kim and Clyde experimented with art pouring in a fluid art studio in Sydney a few months ago. Due to their excitement about the whole experience, the duo decided to open a fun space in Cebu, knowing how the locals can be extremely creative and open-minded to trying new things.

“We love collecting moments and a way to do that is to experience something fun and new. That’s where the inspiration originated. We wanted to create a fun space where everyone can share and express their emotions and creativity,” Kim says.

The Bear Cave provides an art pouring experience on a variety of bear sizes. Unlike the traditional painting techniques that require you to add paint on a canvas with the help of a painting brush, fluid art is an alternative painting technique and here all you need to do is pour a mixture of paint to create magic. You get to express your creativity. Art never fails to inspire, all you need to do is enjoy the whole experience.

Fluid art is such a beginner-friendly activity, it might be intimidating at your first pour, but it becomes so therapeutic as you go along. “We can say it’s worth a try,” Kim shares. “We are so grateful to be able to create this concept, and what’s fulfilling is sharing this journey with Cebuanos. We love how positive and encouraging the environment is, how our customers get competitive with their work, and of course, feel very fulfilled by how we are embraced by their continuing support.”

The partners behind The Bear Cave hope to entertain, educate and present individuals and artists of all levels something to learn. The Bear Cave also promotes inspiration to the young and business-minded.

“We always start somewhere, so a piece of advice we can give to young entrepreneurs is to envision your journey from point A to point B. You have your grit as your point A and your dreams as your point B. You just need to keep going and have fun. No matter what lies between you and your goal, you will always learn something. Don’t be scared to take risks and make mistakes. They are there for a purpose.” Kim adds.

What’s next for The Bear Cave? They are very much excited to branch out to Manila and Davao. The team is also excited to share new figures and more exciting things to come.

Visit The Bear Cave at One Paseo, Paseo Saturnino, Banilad, Cebu City. To find out more about The Bear Cave, follow their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Photography Kent Barcenas

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