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Shayne Lopez Dares to ‘Dye’ Different With TieDiet

Nowadays, people prefer to play the fashion game safely with their muted earth-toned t-shirts and (unoriginal) gray sweatpants, finding a bit of discomfort in standing out of the crowd. But that’s not the case with TieDiet. From bleach-stained denim jackets to hand-painted overalls, the fashion brand and its kaleidoscopic garments exist to combat the mundaneness of current fashion, painting the scene with every color imaginable. 

All About TieDiet

Discovering the art of the tie-dyeing process through YouTube Do-It-Yourself (DIY) videos, TieDiet founder Shayne Lopez enjoys being able to mix color and transform whatever clothing is being used for tie-dying into something more sophisticated and bright.

Shayne, who also sold pre-loved clothes before TieDiet, then thought of painting those same clothes she was selling through tie-dying, creating more “more personal and unique”-looking garments.

Artists Blaster and Crystal Jobli; Photography by Ennuh Tiu


By coupling tie-dying and pre-loved clothes, Shayne created  her fashion business TieDiet, an “elevated form of tie-dye” defined by its use of “fun colors, a different mix of artists, and magic.” 

An essential aspect of TieDiet, for Shayne, is the connections made to elevate the brand with even greater art and fashion. TieDiet has worked with celebrities like social media sensation Bretman Rock, Drag Race Philippines Season 1 winner Precious Paula Nicole, and award-winning actress Nadine Lustre; each of these figures sported TieDiet pieces in photoshoots. The brand has also teamed up with fellow apparel store Gwapitos Apparel and artist Andre Chan to conceptualize and release collaboration lines.

TieDiet x Gwapitos; Photography by Seona Anthony


Shayne is meticulous in picking collaborators and ambassadors, choosing who she thinks are the best people to represent her brand. And when Shayne does select what she thinks are the best people for TieDiet, she finds much satisfaction when forging bonds with them.

“It’s lovely to bounce off ideas, creating new pieces. Shooting my photoshoots with the best creative team.”

To Shayne, photoshoots, where models are sporting the brand’s turtlenecks and dress tops and photographers shooting pictures of those models, are where she gets to connect with fellow creatives who aim to realize Shayne’s vision for TieDiet.

Artist Shanne Dandan; Photography by Daryl Nacario


Shayne Lopez: TieDiet’s Maestra

At the helm of TieDiet is its founder and owner, Shayne Lopez, whose early interactions with fashion include moments like her high school self pleading to her mother to buy them “funky shoes” from Rest|To|Run. In her spare time, she scrolls through Tumblr to get inspiration from the styles and arts of online content creators, incorporating them to create her personal “soft grunge” aesthetic. 

Founder Shayne Lopez; Photography by Le Ziyi


Fashion is “a great way to express yourself,” says Lopez, appreciating how trying out new styles and outfits gave her immense confidence and a sense of liberty. “Fashion can create different moods and vibes. And personally, fashion is like a shield to me. I feel protected and silly with it. I can be [whoever] I want to become.”

“Honestly, I just love fashion. Creating and shooting [photos of TieDiet garments] are my [favorite] things to do.”

Check out TieDiet’s Instagram or Facebook page for more of the brand’s garments and collaborations with other like-minded creatives.

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