JETRO and Kazuwa Prime Serve Up a Fin-Tastic Seafood Extravaganza

Japanese food is easily one of the most meticulously crafted cuisines. Each dish tells a story of tradition, precision, and balance. Japan has given the world countless culinary treasures, but none are as special as the seafood dishes that showcase the country’s deep connection with the ocean.

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) brought its signature event, “Bringing You A Taste of Japan: A Seafood Spectacle”, to Cebu City through a collaboration with Kazuwa Prime in NUSTAR Resort and Hightower. This exclusive event featured a five-course dinner, where the finest Japanese seafood, sake, and confectionery took center stage.

Kazuwa Prime Executive Chef Elvin Quintero and JETRO’s culinary showcase was a celebration highlighting the unparalleled flavor, freshness, and variety of Japanese seafood. In this gastronomic journey, we delve into the nuances of Japanese seafood.

To set the stage for a memorable dining experience, Tako Wasabi featuring tender octopus sourced from the Iwate Prefecture presents a delightful texture with its soft, bite-sized goodness. Octopus can be quite easy to overcook, especially in smaller sizes, so this dish was a testament to the culinary mastery that Chef Elvin honed for more than two decades.

Bringing the umami was the Chawanmushi, a savory masterpiece. This dish is a custard-like stew infused with the earthiness of Shimeji mushrooms and mixed with Kamaboko fish cake, shrimp, gingko, and mitsuba. 

To warm the soul, the Seafood Wakame Soup was a comforting broth infused with the essence of bonito flakes. Like the ocean, it had mussels, squid, shrimp, and scallops sourced from Japan. This trio of appetizers set the stage for a Japanese feast that was anything but ordinary.

Feast your eyes on this. In this “Phone Eats First” world, you can’t help but admire the presentation of each Japanese dish. Each sashimi plate paints a picture of the mountains, the forest, the river, and the seafood—all connected.

Sashimi, Sushi, and Tempura Moriawase highlighted Otoro and Chutoro sourced from Kyoto that quite literally melts in your mouth, fresh oysters from Miyagi, buttery Hamachi from Ehime, Ama Ebi from Miyazaki, Hokki Gai and Komochi Shishamo from Hokkaido. Pairing this course with sake was the perfect way to brighten and refresh the palette. Hino Shizuku Yuzu Sake, Miyakanbai Junmai-Daiginjo, and Mutsu Hassen Ginjo Pink Label completed the experience.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Kazuwa Prime dining experience without teppanyaki. Kazuwa Prime’s chefs demonstrated fiery expertise in cooking Hokkaido Hotate Kaibashira scallops and squid. The scallops were tender with a hint of smokiness, and the squid had a succulent, firm texture.

For the grand finale was the Hokkaido Mille Crepe. Another form of Japanese artistry, this dessert consists of numerous layers of delicate crepes filled with luscious cream. Every indulgent bite becomes a tribute to Hokkaido and its dairy.

As part of the “Bringing A Taste of Japan” campaign in Metro Manila, the Seafood Spectacle culinary event is just one of the diverse activities organized by JETRO. Marking the first leg in Cebu, this event is part of JETRO’s plans to reach more of the Philippines. For updates, visit

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