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Shop from These Local Businesses by Girlbosses

What better way to celebrate Women’s Month than by supporting female entrepreneurs? There are so many incredible local brands out there; all we have to do is scour the internet for them. Let the girls from the Keeta team help you out a bit. These lady-owned local businesses are worth checking out and, obviously, buying from.

Version Activewear

Photos by Version Activewear Official Website

Version Activewear is one of my favorite local athleisure brands, even as so many amazing names have been sprouting up in the industry. And it’s not just because its proprietor Victoria Ong is a total girlboss—she’s literally a superwoman with everything she has on her plate!—Version’s pieces are made of great materials and go through strict quality control. Their colors and styles are a subtle twist to classic workout pieces, while the prices stay totally wallet-friendly. They’ve got a collection of sweats and lounge pieces coming too, and I can’t wait!” – Shari Quimbo-Ybañez, Editor-in-Chief


Photos by Viajecito Official Website

“I’ve been a loyal customer of Viajecito for a while now and it’s founded by three lovely women, Pia Ugarte Garcia-Morera, Marta Garcia-Morera, and Marla Aquino Batallones. I love how fuss-free, streamlined, easy to clean, and versatile their silicone bags are. From neutral colors to fun hues, Viajecito has a bag and accessory for everyone. Their bag straps, which come in different styles, are interchangeable to suit every mood or occasion too. The splashproof material makes their bags and accessories the perfect companion for the beach, an out-of-town trip, or even for your daily errands. Because their pieces come in many colors, you’ll probably want to collect them too because they just look too darn delicious, if that makes sense. You’ll know what I mean if you check them out!” -Micah Almazan, Managing Editor

Lyly Home

Photo by Lyly Home on Instagram

“I absolutely love flowers, but I also know taking care of fresh-cut ones can be very tedious. Luckily, dried flowers are the perfect middle ground for those who want to decorate their space with flowers but also don’t want to end up with withered buds within a week. They don’t require any watering, and can last you years! So if you’re looking for something to liven up your living space, or even just thinking up a gift idea for a special someone, Lyly Home has you covered. This local shop, run by Lyanna San Pedro, allows you to choose from any of their intricate floral arrangements or even customize your own for an extra personal touch.” –Bernice Quimbo, Editorial Assistant


Photos by Candlederia on Instagram

“Once you hop on the scented candle train, you never go back. It’s true. I light up a candle in the day and a different candle at night, and then I start to panic once I realize there’s only a bit of wax left. I like to keep at least four candles that I can choose from, depending on my mood. Candlederia is my go-to candle shop because it’s accessible and reasonably priced. They have super cute candles! Their packaging is extremely thought out, down to the smallest detail. My favorite scents are Birthday Treat, Strawberry Milk, and Morning Coffee. You can find them on Instagram @candlederia and Shopee @candlederiabyaiyanna.” –Janna Yuvallos, Editorial Assistant

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