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Omerta Bespoke Cebu, The Essence of Luxurious Fashion

To start: What does “bespoke” mean? For Gedan Berdin, the head curator of Omerta Bespoke Cebu, he defines ‘bespoke’ as “made-to-order” and synonymous with high levels of detail and care. Its name comes from the Italian word omertà, a term related to the Italian mafia. The term “omertà” is said to be an Italian code of honor, in which one chooses silence and non-cooperation with authority. The concept of Omertà is an idea centered around the idea of trust and brotherhood in the face of adversity.

Opening their Cebu branch just last year, Omerta Bespoke Cebu brings inspiration to the brand name by giving customers a trustworthy customer experience by providing suits and fabrics fit for the most grandiose occasions. Celebrities like Chase Cokaliong, also the owner of the bespoke shop, and Slater Young, have donned Omerta-made garments, showcasing the craftsmanship put into their suits.

Omerta Bespoke, just like its products, is one of a kind. It is the first bespoke clothing store in Cebu and the Visayas region. Such a service and shop is often available for the Manila crowd, but Omerta brings the experience of luxury and quality to the heart of the Philippines. 

Located on the third floor of Streetscape Mall in Banilad, Cebu, Omerta Bespoke offers a wide-ranging line-up of garments and textiles customers can select from. With world-class choices like their Italian and British imports, their home-grown choice of fabrics, and their simple yet elegant Barong Tagalog collection, those who are looking for a sophisticated style can find what they are looking for. Moreover, although bespoke clothing is often thought of as a man’s space, Omerta offers a sizable number of options for formal and office wear for women.

The Cebu branch itself is an intimate one, with its line of ready-made suits and in-store fabrics on display, as well as complimentary drinks provided for customers, and a large changing room at the end of the store to try out the store’s garments. The branch at Streetscape captures the essence of its slick and modern yet classic collection of suits by replicating that essence to the ambiance of its store and service.

But what makes Omerta a true Bespoke clothing is its attention to detail, adhering to its clients’ requests and helping them achieve their ideal suits. Many of Omerta’s clients tend to seek out clothes that can attend to the customers’ needs, no matter how meticulous the details and requests are. Omerta’s store manager can attest to this, sharing how the clientele come in knowing what fabrics and styles to order, and how the design should look in the end. 

But for Omerta, which includes staff who have been in the clothing business for years, if not decades, being calm and collected is key to ensuring high-quality service for their clients. “We want to improve [the suits] with our fabrics, and maintain the craftsmanship,” said Gedan. 

To know more about Omerta Bespoke Cebu’s craft and suits, visit their Instagram and Facebook page for more details.

Photography Kyrra Kho

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