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Your Taste Buds Will Be Floating on Cloud Nine at This Ice Cream Parlor

There’s a longstanding joy that ice cream brings, serving as the ultimate mood booster during any season, a well-deserved reward following a productive day, or even that one comforting need after a dentist appointment.

While an array of flavors tempts your taste buds at any typical ice cream shop, it’s rare to find one that’s more than your conventional sugar fix. At Cloud Nine Creamery, you’ll be blown away with a selection that transcends the boundaries of traditional flavors.

It’s not only the chill vibe and the cold treats that they provide. They also serve heartwarming meals for those who want to take their palates on a ride.

The space itself is inviting, and friendly enough for adults and kids alike. Finding Instagrammable spots or cozy corners won’t be difficult as well. Inscribed in neon lights, “No More Cloudy Days” is Cloud Nine’s signature quote—uplifting the mind and heart, and taking you to your little happy place.

Out Of Love For The Creamy Delight

Jady Cordero’s love for ice cream made it her go-to comfort food on bad days during her time overseas. This inspired her to craft her take on the delectable treat. Dark Belgian Chocolate might be the first flavor she made, but she always craves Pistachio.

She takes the best of Cebu’s local dairy produce—answering the secret to its creaminess and texture fusion of gelato and ice cream—from selling pints online to pop-ups in Sugbo Mercado, and to eventually birthing Cloud Nine Creamery.

Whisking together a symphony of unique flavors, Jady turned her passion into palate-pleasing wonders, making every scoop at Cloud Nine Creamery a heavenly indulgence.

Treats Beyond The Usuals

Cloud Nine doesn’t blow you away with just ice cream. Aside from having single, double, or triple scoops and pints, they also include sandwiches, pasta, desserts, floats, and quenchers to add to a rainbow of flavors.

Its premium ice cream flavors are a must-try! These include Cookie Butter, and Coffee Chip Almond to name a few—all homemade and bring the right balance of cream and crunch with every bite.

Mix Up Classics With Local Flavors

Jady never misses a beat when it comes to bringing in flavors from home. One of the classics offered is the Mango Graham—quite reminiscent of that Mango Float we usually prepare at parties during the holidays. Nothing can go wrong with the Mango Panda; it’s tangy, comforting, and a must-have in the tropics.

Going back to her initial creation, the Dark Belgian Chocolate flavor offers a delightfully bitter twist on traditional chocolate ice cream, leaving you yearning for more rather than steering clear. Given that chocolate is a timeless favorite, it’s a choice that never disappoints—and it happens to be one of Jady’s personal favorites as well.

Take Jady’s Recos, And Love Them Later

More than just ice cream, Jady recommends first-timers to try the Clubhouse and Roasted Tomato sandwiches, keeping it healthy with the right load of veggies and protein (but, obviously, the best part is the crispy bacon). The Chicken Truffle Pasta is also a good start if you’re curious or want to relive the taste of this aromatic delight.

She also recommends their take on baked desserts with a side of homemade vanilla ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can go crunchy and tarty with the Apple Crumble, or soft and delicate with the Molten Lava Cake.

For a more bistro-like feel, the Strawberry Croissant is one to add to your bucket list. The ice cream’s berry creaminess and the croissant’s fluffy layers make a delightful combination. It’s one pastry pairing that’s hard to resist.

If you’re looking forward to being on cloud nine, find them at the Upper Ground Floor of Baseline Center, Juana Osmena Street, Cebu City from 11 AM to 11 PM.

Photography Kyrra Kho

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