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Here’s a “Pawsome” treat for Halloween

Scary or cutesy?

How you dress up in Halloween is up to you, but anyone who says Halloween is for humans is clearly missing out. We’re here to show you.

Whether you’re going for scary, fun, or even unique, there’s plenty of possibilities for your floofs too.

Tiffany as a Bee | Marshie as Chucky

Here to serve some inspiration are some of Keeta team’s dogs, decked in Halloween costumes.

Bacon as Yayoi Kusama


Sushi as Halloween muse | Lucky as Nurse


Luffy as Doctor


Hoshi as Wookie

Photography Jon Unson | Sittings Editor Shari Quimbo-Ybañez and Monica Lopez | Production Assistants Bernice Quimbo and Janna Rei Yuvallos | Location Studio Republic

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