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These Are The Five Lightweight Sunscreens You Need For Daily Wear

I know you’ve all heard it time and time again that skipping on sunscreen in your daily skincare routine is a capital sin. UVA and UVB are the most damaging ultraviolet rays present in sunlight, and prolonged unprotected exposure to both are proven to cause skin damage from the surface level, down to the deeper layers of the skin.

UVB has a shorter wavelength and is responsible for surface damage like skin redness and sunburn, and plays a key role in the development of some skin cancers. UVA, on the other hand, has the longest wavelength and penetrates deeper into the skin causing wrinkles, premature aging, and irreversible DNA damage. While both rays differ on how they affect the skin, exposure to both is cumulative, thus increasing one’s risk of skin cancer over time.

So in comes broad-spectrum sunscreens, be they chemical or physical sunscreens, that offer protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Depending on which formula you prefer, it is good to note that getting one with SPF 30 or higher is your best bet to keep your skin from burning, and aging prematurely. And in a tropical country like the Philippines, lightweight, non-tacky SPF50 sunscreens should be an essential final step in your skincare routine, just before you put on your make-up.

That said, here are five sunscreen brands that I really swear by, and are on heavy rotation on my shelf. All of which I use depending on my skin’s needs, the weather, and my activity for the day.

Shiseido Clear Suncare Stick SPF 50+

This 20-gram little guy is my favorite sunscreen stick out of all the sticks I’ve tried. It glides on smoothly, it doesn’t leave a white cast, leaves a dewy finish, and it’s small enough to fit in a purse. It’s perfect for midday touch-ups whether you’re at work or out in the city running errands (it works well over makeup), at the beach enjoying a Blushing Mimosa, or pedaling it off to the mountainside on a weekend ride. But what really won me over was the mess-free application—twist and swipe and you’re done! It really is the perfect sunscreen on the go!

Bioré UV Watery Essence SPF 50+

True to its name, this sunscreen truly has a watery texture that sinks beautifully into the skin. Expect no sticky residue or even a white cast and upon application, it feels more like a cross between an essence and a lightweight moisturizer than a sunscreen, to be honest. It’s that lightweight! Plus points too that it is infused with Hyaluronic acid, a skin-plumping ingredient that hydrates the skin leaving it feeling fresh and dewy with zero grease factor. Out of all the sunscreens I made my husband try, this is by far his number one favorite! Knowing how some people can be very basic, skincare-wise, (my husband included, and it’s never a bad thing!), he actually doesn’t mind adding this product to his four-step skincare routine. Yes, he has his own skincare routine curated by no less than his skincare evangelist wife. Hah!

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Gel SPF 50+

If it isn’t obvious yet, I do love a good line-up of Japanese skincare products and just recently, I added another one. Hailed as Japan’s number one beauty sunscreen for 20 consecutive years, Anessa’s Gold Series, specifically the Skincare Gel, had me at 50 percent skincare ingredients. I mean, for it to be effective in protecting my skin from the harmful UV rays with its Thermo Booster Technology, while moisturizing and nourishing it with Yellow Flower Extract and Kyoto Uji Green Tea Leaf Extract (both effective in preventing photoaging), I’m here for it! And in the three weeks that I have been using this particular product, I haven’t had any adverse reactions from daily use. Like the rest of my preferred sunscreens, this one has a light gel formula that dries down into a beautiful dewy finish that doesn’t feel sticky to touch. This may be on the pricier side but you’re sure to be paying for quality. With all that and more, this is definitely slowly claiming the top spot on my favorite sunscreen list.

Anessa Mild Series

Anessa’s newest addition to their sunscreen line that is now locally available, the Anessa Mild Series, deserves a separate mention because not only do I get to use and love it, my nine-year-old gets to enjoy its superior UV-protection capabilities too! With sensitive skin in mind, this line (especially the Mild Milk SPF 50+) is gentle enough for children and babies over six months old. It leaves zero burdens on the skin as it is formulated without additives, fragrance, alcohol, colorant, parabens, and mineral oil. Like all the other Anessa products I’ve tried, Mild Milk is lightweight, spreads easily, sinks into the skin a few seconds after application, and doesn’t leave a white cast or a sticky feeling. I put it on my nine-year-old whenever she goes out to go biking or play in the garden and not once did I hear her complain about her face feeling hot, sticky, or goopy! And with this, I may have just started a skincare routine for my daughter. 

Primo+Skin Hydro Glow Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+

You’d be surprised to know that a Cebuano beauty brand, Primo+Skin, has come up with a game-changing sunscreen that not only walks the talk, but also quite affordable too. It offers broad-spectrum coverage with its SPF50 PA++++ and has Hyaluronic Acid to provide skin hydration all day long. Its watery consistency feels like second skin as it melts into the skin instantly, leaving nothing but a thin protective film that is smooth to touch. It has a light, refreshing feeling that isn’t too overpowering and fades away a few minutes after application. I have a sensitive nose but this did not bother me one bit. Primo+Skin is definitely an up-and-coming brand to watch out for.

There are a lot of amazing sunscreen products out in the market today and picking just one may be overwhelming as it could very well be a trial and error method. I know how that feels as I felt the same way too while I was still curating my sunscreen stash, but one important thing to remember is to pick a sunscreen that works best for your skin and your lifestyle. Read labels, find out what their claims to fame are, and know for what particular skin type they’re made for. Once you’ve zeroed in on “the one,” you can then incorporate it into your daily skincare regimen, stick to it and give your skin that good ol’ lovin’ it truly deserves! 

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