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Step into the Sneaker Revolution with Sole Republiq at NUSTAR Resort & Casino

Are you tired of settling for mundane footwear? Life is too short to compromise on style. Whether you’re on a daily grind or want to elevate your fashion game, sneakers are the ultimate essential. And now, Sole Republiq has emerged at NUSTAR Resort & Casino, becoming the go-to destination in Cebu for exclusive and rare kicks.

Beyond a Shoe Store–A Collector’s Sanctuary

Founded by Lerwin Yap and Mackoy Castillo, dedicated sneakerheads, Sole Republiq officially opened its doors in the Queen City of the South. The grand opening at NUSTAR Resort & Casino on October 21, 2023, ignited excitement among Cebuanos, granting them exclusive access to a diverse array of brands, from Adidas and Nike to New Balance and beyond.

More than a mere shoe store, Sole Republiq takes pride in being a collector’s sanctuary. Yap and Castillo meticulously curate their selection, offering rare and elusive pieces that elevate any shoe collection. The physical store in Cebu ensures an unparalleled shopping experience, providing local customers with exclusive and limited product selections at arm’s reach.

“Opening here is significant because we have a substantial clientele in Cebu,” shared Mackoy. “We aim to offer them the same experience as our Manila branches. Instead of online purchases and shipping, a physical store allows them to personally explore our items, try them on, and truly experience shopping at Sole Republiq,” he added.

From Classics to Trends

Sole Republiq not only caters to collectors but also leads in setting trends. Classic sneaker silhouettes, re-released and highly sought after, dominate the market. Think Adidas Sambas, New Balance 530s, 327s, 550s, and the iconic Jordan 1s. These classics evoke nostalgia for some and provide a twist to the conventional for others, establishing themselves as trendsetters on social media.

“During the ‘Ber’ months, our inventory flies off the shelves, including Jordan 1 Low, Dunk Low, Samba, New Balance 530, and New Balance 327. When we opened here, it took only three days for our inventory to be wiped out,” revealed co-founder Castillo.

Conquering Challenges

Yap and Castillo shared that one of the significant challenges in setting up a store in Cebu was the shipping process of their products and finding willing collaborators in the province.

“One of our major challenges was finding reliable means to ship our items and establishing partnerships with locals in Cebu. Despite the hurdles, we’re joyful to meet people along the way who openly embrace and support us,” shared Lerwin.

Elevate Your Style with Sole Republiq

Sole Republiq transcends being merely a shoe store; it’s a destination for fashion enthusiasts and collectors alike. With its exclusive offerings, carefully curated selection, and a fusion of classics and trends, Sole Republiq is poised to redefine your sneaker experience. Step into a world where life is too short for ordinary shoes.

Visit Sole Republiq at NUSTAR Resort & Casino and embark on a journey to elevate your footwear collection. Follow them on Instagram @sole.republiq and on Facebook at Sole Republiq Official. Stay tuned for the latest updates on their YouTube channel at Sole Republic PH (@solerepubliq_).


Photography Justin Muring

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