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What Moms Actually Want For Mother’s Day

Every year, days before Mother’s Day, we seem to find ourselves at sixes and sevens thinking about what to get our moms and how to make them feel like queens on their day. How about not stressing ourselves so much this year, huh? We ask moms what they want for Mother’s Day. With the celebration coming around pretty soon, these testi-mom-ials might give you some ideas.


Sepfry Rivera

“The best gift I can give to myself this Mother’s Day is the gift of healing. Some self-care and love that Dawata Wellness can give (a shameless plug). A day of yoga class, massage, some hot sikwate, and a healthy vegan smoothie will do—an all-in experience at Dawata.”


Anastasia Romero

“I love to receive the handmade cards made by my daughter with the help of my husband! Also chocolate always works, I love Auro chocolate. I also enjoy tarts from Nika Miranda (@makalipie), and maybe a nice spa treatment.”


Hannah Davis

“As a mom of two little kids, for Mother’s Day, I just want to sleep in, have a good cup of coffee when I wake up, and spend the rest of the day at a spa getting massages.”

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Dianne Espera

“For Mother’s Day, I’d love to get a pampering session. I’ve been quite busy lately, so a good home service massage would be a great gift to receive for Mother’s Day.”


Therese Habana

“The best gifts for me are handwritten love letters and poems by my children. No brand can top what truly comes from the heart. These are timeless treasures!”


Maris Holopainen

“I’m obviously biased, but I would love to receive a painting by Dennis “Sio” Montera from his new exhibit in Qube Gallery entitled “Figured Out”. Sio is a senior Cebuano abstractionist who uses large gestures, scratchings, and peelings in his work to result in very mature conceptual configurations that are quite dramatic and impactful. Having said that, I would be happy to receive from my children any words of affirmation to stroke my ego as a mother. Self-serving, I know, but it’s always encouraging to hear!”


Janie Tan

“As a wife and mom of two, taking care of my family while taking care of myself can become quite a struggle. For Mother’s Day, it would be nice to receive a pamper time voucher from my favorite lash and nail brand @thefablablifestyle. Mother’s Day just wouldn’t be complete without fabulous lashes and nails!”


Brigitte Lim-Mueller

“As a fitness enthusiast, the best Mother’s Day gift for me would probably be anything fitness-related: a smartwatch from Garmin, running shoes from Nike, or sportswear from Under Armor.”


Alex Ong Oh

“The best gift that I would like to receive this Mother’s Day would be a Conair Garment Steamer. This is a good item for us mothers since we value and budget our time on the daily. This product is efficient in steaming away stubborn wrinkles on clothes quickly, thus giving us more time to do other things at home.”


Tes Gonzaga

“As a mom who values her health and walks the talk – any e-gift or any item from Healthy Options would be great, or a purchase of any of our GCs that can be given to a kid cancer survivor beneficiary for an upcoming bake-for-a-cause project (this July).”


And there you have it—your Mother’s Day gift guide made easy. Sometimes something as simple as a spa day, a day off from everything, or a heartfelt letter is all a mom needs. You heard it from the moms themselves. What do you think your mom wants on her day?

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