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What Empowerment Means To These Cebuanas

This Women’s Month, we celebrate women of all kinds. We’ve asked a few of the ladies on Keeta to share what empowerment is to them, and how they use it to lift others up in their lives.


Sofia Baroud

“I feel empowered when I dress the way I want to dress. In our society where so many people condemn dressing like this or like that, I dress how I wanna dress, because when I put on a cute outfit, it makes me feel happy and confident. Styling and dressing up is my creative outlet and it’s what makes me feel empowered. This is why I create fashion content, not only to give my viewers outfit ideas but also for them to take it as a sign to dress however they want to.”


Gabbi Carballo

“To feel empowered, I start my mornings away from my phone, taking deep breaths, doing a skincare routine, and setting my intentions for the day! That way, I set up my mind to be open to whatever the day throws at me — helping me handle any situation calmly and therefore get more done. To empower others, I try my best to let them know that I’m proud of them — while keeping my eyes wide to the twists and turns that the plot of my own life wants to teach me, so I can use it as a word of encouragement for others who need to be pulled back up again.”


Trisha Apa-ap 

“Feeling empowered is when you’re at peace with yourself, so what I do is create a space where there is more room for self-love than negative self-talk. I always start my day by being grateful for who I am and what I have become, and then I always show up confident in whatever I do. When you feel confident with that and have achieved peace within, it will be easy to infect others with that energy. Enough to be an example to others, and that judgments from others shouldn’t define you.”


Kim Almodiel-Prosevicius 

“Self-motivation is the most conscious self-empowering practice I do — trusting in my ability helps me push forward and stand up for myself. Being able to send a positive message to the people around me through the life I live makes me feel humbled and empowered. Nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than being a channel for other women to amplify their strengths, rise, and SHINE. It’s my strong belief that a truly empowered woman GIVES BACK through empowering and supporting other women. ‘A woman alone has power. Collectively, we have impact.’ 👑🫶🏻”


Chanelle Ong

“To feel empowered, I usually take the time to reassess my current self, where I am in my life and how I generally feel towards it. It makes me proud to look back and see how far I’ve come—from being this shy sweet kid, to a lady who has and will continue to grow bigger than her fears. So to everyone, celebrate your wins—big and small, and take pride in yourself, you did that. You deserve all that you have today!”


Rejzl Awit

“I feel most empowered when I am able to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself. So, I constantly work hard to achieve them.

I love seeing women shine in whatever field they are in. I empower others by supporting and encouraging them to pursue their goals.”


Kyla Soliano 

“I feel empowered whenever I feel free to express myself and make my own decisions as a person. I see it as a step for growth as a young adult. It could simply be from choosing and purchasing my own wants and needs, to saying no to social gatherings to protect my peace, and to finally accepting my faults and limits. On the other hand, empowering others is as simple as listening to them and giving them trust and assurance, and to believe in their capacity to grow as well.”


Sophie Rafols-Speer

“As I’ve grown as a woman—specifically a woman of God— I’ve personally watched and wrestled with the wave of womanhood today in our world. I believe with my whole heart that the Lord is a part of this rise and desires for women to step into spaces for His glory. 

The reality is that we live in a day and age where the rise of women is all around us. This world is opening up so many doors for women; in roles and positions that most women have never been in before.

We are letting our womanhood be influenced by culture; the world tell us what a woman is vs. what the Word of God calls us to be. The world tells us there’s only room for one, while the Word makes room for BOTH men and women to rise.

We need a fresh wind of true identity for women. Our generation needs the church to be the ones to empower us BEFORE culture does. Woman empowerment is using your platform to disciple women by showing them who they truly are in Christ. My hope is that together we can change the narrative on Women Empowerment today.”


Joshien Kyla

“Lately, a giving mindset empowers me. When I start dedicating my time, money, or energy to my family, friends and people that matter to me, I subconsciously say to myself that “I have plenty”. But also, it is important to check on myself and provide my own self-care because you can’t pour from an empty cup! I do that by setting clear boundaries that will help me prevent myself from completely exhausting myself.

I empower others by being sensitive in a way that’s considerate of others. I try my best to show up and pay enough attention to people that are dear to me. Greeting our service workers is another simple but often overlooked gesture that can make someone feel empowered. I also try to pick up from social cues and take a hint of the feelings of others, and be aware of their needs and behavior in a way that helps them feel good. Such actions will go a long way because you never know what kind of house a person goes home to. Always be sensitive and kind.”

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